Wow, didn’t realize that we didn’t post the results here!

The winner of Cycle 1 is…. Cindy Weston!



Finale photo submissions can be viewed HERE.


About the finale.

Finale photos will be posted VERY soon, we promise! We hit a tiny snag.

There will also be a poll opened up. That’s right! YOU get to vote to decide the winner of cycle 1!!

Stay tuned!


Photos for shoot 6

The photos for shoot 6 are posted and can be found HERE

Violet Seliquinni (uzi666) and Aurora Jenkins (shboogies) were both eliminated due to non-submission.

Results/Commentary to follow…

Results of shoot 5


Alright, as we stated earlier, because of a judges absence there will be no point value given out this round. As promised, here are the results, IN ORDER!

Maya Shakkari (winner)
Cindy Weston*
Wan-da Alvita*
Aurora Jenkins
Violet Seliquinni
Jaymes Cairee (eliminated)

Maya Shakkari now has immunity! *NOTE: The winner of round 6 will be the LAST person to receive immunity for the rest of the cycle!*


Round 6 is POSTED! :] Enjoy and good luck!

Photos and Commentary

Photos are up and commentary is linked for shoot number 5, “Acting out.”

(winner & eliminations to follow)

*One of the judges is currently out of town, therefore not able to submit points this round. So we will NOT be posting point value, but we will be listing the models IN ORDER very soon! Stay tuned!*

Results of shoot 4

1. Tayla Ray was forced to forfeit, therefore NO ONE will be eliminated this round.

2. There was a three-way tie within the six submissions, so therefore the is NO winner. Likewise, there is NO immunity.

Cindy Weston – 46pts
Wan-da Alvita – 46pts
Aurora Jenkins – 41pts
Violet Seliquinni – 41pts
Jaymes Cairee – 39pts
Maya Shakkari – 39pts
Tayla Ray – (forfeit)